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1. All contest participants must be willing to follow the rules and regulations applicable in the SEO Contest MEJAQQ.COM without exception.
2. All contest participants must write articles with the theme we've determined that "MEJAQQ.COM DOMINOQQ BANDARQ AGEN POKER ONLINE gambling LARGEST IN ASIA" on a website or blog private property of each.
3. In the article there is a minimum of 450 words and the characters must Incorporating six backlink on your article with anchor text form: - Online Poker Agent (with links of interest - Dominoqq (with links of interest http: // - Online Dominoqq (with links of interest - Agent Bandarq (with links of interest - Online Bandarq (with links of interest http: / / - Bandarq (with links of interest

NOTE: If you get there are six backlinks then your blog automatically disqualified without prior notice.
4. The contents of the article should not be contested at 100% with the other participants of the article content (banned registering postings that are the result of copy and paste from an article the other participants) and are not allowed to write articles whose content 50% this article on seo contest. Articles should contain other matters related to the theme that we have set.
5. Age Blog or Website are included in the contest least the age of 3 months.
6. Blog or Website are included in this contest is not a blog or website that is pornographic, and violate the laws in force in Indonesia and in articles that you write for seo contest is not to be offensive, as well as pornography.
7. Participants must include the url postingannya (NOT the main page or url website) when registering. Articles or posts that are not registered will not be ratified until the participant registered the URL. Example:
8. Must install at least 1 banner MEJAQQ, 1 banner contest seo MEJAQQ and 1 banner Jackpot MEJAQQ in website or blog miik each individual, click here  to select the BANNER or visit the banner menu.
9. Backlink insert the banner MEJAQQ with anchor text as follows: - 1 Banner Official MEJAQQ with anchor text such as: "MEJAQQ.COM gambling AGEN POKER ONLINE DOMINOQQ BANDARQ LARGEST IN ASIA" - 1 Banner Contest SEO MEJAQQ with anchor text such as: "MEJAQQ.COM AGENT ONLINE POKER gambling DOMINOQQ BANDARQ LARGEST iN ASIA " - 1 Banner Jackpot MEJAQQ with anchor text such as:" MEJAQQ.COM gambling AGEN POKER ONLINE DOMINOQQ BANDARQ LARGEST iN ASIA "
10. 1 domain web / blog may only register one time.
11. Participants who url or article will automatically referred sosbook our disqualification.
12. If at the end of a contest participant registration limit does not reach the 120 participants, the contest will be extended (NB: if the participant does not reach 120 participants but keywords in konteskan achieve their goals, then this contest we will not renew)
13. Participants who sign up using the articles that were previously used for the previous seo contest will be disqualified
 14. Url which is in the order of 1-20 if one url is not listed in our database, it will not be recognized as the winner and was replaced with the url below.
15. The participants are not allowed to use blackhat seo techniques such as cloacking, link farm, invisible text, keyword stuffing and all kinds of cheaters in seo techniques. For those who do this, the committee reserves the right to cancel the victory and replace it with a url that are below.
16. Not allowed to use the keyword domain name, and use the keyword subdomain. Should actually posting blog or website that you have.
17. That will be a judge in this contest is GOOGLE.CO.ID (location Indonesia) with cleaning prior HISTORY AND COOKIES.
18. The contest winner is the participant who blog or website (url posting and not just the domain name) indexed for at least 21 days in with keywords diperlombakan and registered in a database of the committee.
19. If the judging there is a keyword appears on the Bookmark and Social Social media will not be counted. 20. Prohibited sign up using an email address that has been registered previously.
21. Should not be using PPC to promote participation in this seo contest. seo contest team will continuously menantau and observe the contest participants and the course of the contest, if there are participants who get caught using PPC both locally and beyond, will be immediately disqualified, disqualified participants may enter the contest from the start by using another blog, which has not been registered. note: blogs are prohibited from using PPC advertising is a blog that utilize PPC advertising to promote their participation in this SEO contest. On the blog contained PPC advertising is not prohibited to participate in the contest SEO MEJAQQ.COM
22. Registration Contestants closed on April 1, 2016 at 00:00 pm (If you register on April 1st, 2016 at 0:01 pm, then it will not be recognized as a contestant even though in the end the website url of your post is on page one or two with keywords diperlombakan.
23. We will continue to look to add a rule along with the development of this contest, and the committee's decision will be final. the Parties shall agree to all terms and conditions of the race without exception.
24. We as the committee entities have the right to review each winner, subtract or add existing rules, and select and disqualify a blog or website that participated in this seo contest.

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